Corrosion Protection

This picture shows three test flanges tested for 2000 hours in a salt-spray tank and that the Like90 CIC system provides superior protection.

Like90's thin-film corrosion inhibiting compounds provide a superior way to restore corrosion protection during the repair process. The test flanges in the photo above were placed in a salt-spray tank for 2,000 hours and then separated for evaluation. The results speak for themselves.

Thin-film CICs penetrate into crevices and seams where traditional coatings can't go. And they contain no metals like zinc or copper that promote galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.

All Like90 CICs are compliant with California's strict VOC regulations and also exceptional coverage compared to competing products.

Like90 Thin-Film Technology

The Like90 CIC Kit includes all four CIC aerosols, the 36-inch Flex Wand with 360-degree spray tip, and an aluminum aerosol caddy.

CIC Kit (video)

The Like90 CIC Kit provides a complete, state-of-the-art corrosion protection system with all four aerosols, the 36-inch CIC Flex Wand with 360-degree spray tip, and an aluminum aerosol caddy for attachment to a tool cart or nearby wall. Each of the components included in the CIC Kit are detailed below.

Regulations typically require corrosion protection to be restored during the repair process. This is particularly important given the increasing use of lightweight steel and aluminum in vehicle construction. The CIC Kit makes restoring corrosion protection fast, convenient, and profitable. And, insurance companies typically reimburse for time and materials when restoring corrosion protection.

Part number:
10010 (Kit)

Individual Aerosols

Like90 CIC Weld-Thru 10 ounce aerosol can provides stronger, cleaner welds.

Weld-Thru (Black)

CIC Weld-Thru is a unique, thin-film weldable coating that dries in less than five minutes. It comes in black to simulate an e-coat finish and provides more than twice the coverage of competing offerings.

CIC Weld-Thru contains no metals and is non-conductive. Therefore, it will not promote galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals like traditional weld-thrus, which require zinc or copper to enable welding through their thick coats.

At less than 0.5 mils (12 microns), the dry coating presents a minimal barrier to the welding machine, resulting in stronger, cleaner welds. Traditional weld-thru coatings are over 5 times as thick and prevent the welding machine from heating the metal to its optimum temperature, as evidenced by lots of smoke and spatter during welding.

Part number:
10011 (10 oz. aerosol)

Like90 CIC Dry Film 10 ounce aerosol can seeps into gaps, seams, and crevices other corrosion protection products cannot reach.

Dry Film (Clear)

CIC Dry Film is super-penetrating, wicking into seams and crevices where other coatings can't go, all the way to the bare metal around the weld joint where the weld-thru coating has burned back. This burn-back area is where corrosion typically starts and Like90 uniquely addresses this vulnerability. Depending on the needs of the repair, it can be applied immediately after welding or later after paint.

The technology for CIC Dry Film originated in the aerospace industry, which means it offers exceptional performance on aluminum as well as steel.

Part number:  
10012 (10 oz. aerosol)

Like90 CIC Wet Black Cavity Wax 10 ounce aerosol can provides superior protection in enclosed cavities compared to traditional cavity waxes.

Wet Black Penetrating Cavity Wax

CIC Wet Black is a penetrating cavity wax designed for enclosed areas like frame rails and rocker panels. Salt spray testing indicates it protects up to four times longer than standard cavity wax. Like CIC Dry Film, it offers superior wicking capabilities to penetrate faying joints between welded surfaces. And, like CIC Dry Film, the technology for CIC Wet Black originates in the aerospace industry so it also offers excellent protection on aluminum as well as steel.

Unlike standard cavity waxes, CIC Wet Black's thin-film technology allows it to be sprayed through the CIC Flex Wand to ensure complete coverage in virtually any section of the vehicle being repaired.

Part number:  
10025 (10 oz. aerosol)

Like90 CIC Remover 10 ounce aerosol can removes excess CIC coating and flushes the CIC Flex Wand.


CIC Remover removes excess Like90 CIC coatings. It also quickly and easily flushes the CIC Flex Wand so that it is always ready for the next use. Just attach the Flex Wand to the Remover nozzle and hold the wand's tip in your hand with a rag. One or two quick bursts purge the wand of any residual coating. 

Part number:  
10014 (10 oz. aerosol)

Other Components

36-inch Like90 CIC Flex Wand with 360-degree spray tip.

360-degree Flex Wand

The 36-inch long CIC Flex Wand enables delivery of Like90 CIC coatings to virtually any surface in the vehicle during the repair process. The custom, machine-tooled spray tip requires only a quarter-inch hole for access, eliminating the need to drill new holes, and is designed to spray in a 360-degree pattern. The wand is extremely flexible, yet rugged enough to withstand heavy usage in the shop.

CIC Flex Wand attaches in an instant to the CIC aerosols and is just as fast to flush with the CIC Remover. It is a critical component in the Like90 CIC system, making it easy to restore corrosion protection wherever it is needed.

Part number:  
10015 (36-inches)

Aluminum Like90 CIC aerosol caddy with four slots for cans.

Aerosol Caddy

The CIC Aerosol Caddy is a great way to ensure all components of the Like90 CIC system are readily accessible to technicians restoring corrosion protection.

It is built of super-strong aluminum and includes 4 slots for aerosol cans and 2 holes for mounting. The top also provides a lip for hanging the caddy from tool carts.

Part number:  

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